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A month ago i purchased pair of shoes from San Francisco outlet Sketcher's store located at Livermore, California.This past Friday (11/24/17) i put that new shoes on and went to the store to buy an other stuff.

The manager found an empty box around the aisle the shoes i put on. Because she only found an empty box(without any evidence), she thought the shoes i put on was stolen from the store. She thought i put that new shoes on in the store. She embarrassed me infront of that big crowd.

She didn't stop there. She called police and kicked me out from the store. I really feel bad that if i were white she wouldn't do that to me. She is a kind of racist.

I didn't sleep that night and returned the shoes next day. I am considering suing the company.

They have to train their employee; they have to have cameras; they have to have enough security personnel.They shouldn't be embarrassing customers like that.

Review about: Skechers Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.


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Did they also notice the rather large chip on your shoulder? Pathetic.

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