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I have been wearing skecher shoes for about 2 years. I purchased some Go walk 4 shoes that grab the floor and will throw you on you face.

I fell while on my job and had to go to the emergency room. I will never buy another pair. The skecher shoes wear good but it is not worth getting hurt when I put them on . If I could find a pair that will not do this I might consider buying them again.

I will just have to find the r ight pair. These shoes have circles down the middle of them.

That is what caused the shoes to do this. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem or not.

Review about: Skechers Gowalk 4 Sneakers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have exactly the same problem. And I was beginning to think it was just ME !


Wow, I had a terrible fall two months ago. While walking it felt like my back foot was stuck to the sidewalk and down I went.

Injured my knee, hip, and had several scrapes. As I was in an area where I couldn't *** or change shoes, I continued walking. Then it happened again! Felt as if my foot was stuck to the ground mid stride.

Fortunately my daughters caught me before I took another spill.

I will never buy/wear Skechers again. They need to be held accountable.

Valley Stream, New York, United States #1337871

I fell walking in the mall with a tile floor. sustained a subdural hematoma , stitches on my eyelid, fractured a rib, anf hurt my shoulder.

Ambulance took me to the hospital where I stayed overnight, many ct scans etc.

and not feeling mys elf yet. Sketckers should be held respondsible for this , more importantly this should be made known so that no one gets killed wearing these shoes.

Normal, Illinois, United States #1333786

I bought the skechers walk #3. I tripped a few times and than I fell on my face. Never Buy them again!!


Wow, thank you ladies for putting out this information, I just recently bought two pairs to wear to Disney. So I tried them on inside the house for a while to see how it feels, and it started making my heels and calves feel sore.

I don't know if anybody felt that too, but I have a lot workout shoes and this is the only pair of sketchers I have.

I have never felt this with any other shoe in my life. So I'll be taking this back and save myself from soreness and emergency visit.


Severely injured my knee on 5/7/17. My 3 year old granddaughter slammed her head on the concrete as she was holding my hand as I went down.

North Carolina, United States #1326492

I just fell and hit my head in an airport because my shoe caught the same way.i spent 3 hours in emergency. I now have a big black eye, cut lip and severe knee pain.

Obviously this is not an isolated incident. Please contact me if there are other people who have had similar accidents.

I think Sketchers should take some responsibility.

to Danielle Webb #1366515

I agree with you.Its been three months since my fall and my face is still sore there should be some response from sketchers over a problem with their shoe.


My mother had the same problem, I bought her a pair for Xmas and 2 months later she has a smashed shoulder with titanium ball now.. I'm really pissed.

Palatine, Illinois, United States #1309806

I found that my memory foam Sketcher shoe's sole disrupts sensory balance perception. In addition when in contact with interior floors the overly aggressive sole interferes with natural body movement.

I have disposed those I have.

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