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I have been wearing skecher shoes for about 2 years. I purchased some Go walk 4 shoes that grab the floor and will throw you on you face.

I fell while on my job and had to go to the emergency room. I will never buy another pair. The skecher shoes wear good but it is not worth getting hurt when I put them on . If I could find a pair that will not do this I might consider buying them again.

I will just have to find the r ight pair. These shoes have circles down the middle of them.

That is what caused the shoes to do this. I don't know if anyone else has had this problem or not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skechers Gowalk 4 Sneakers.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I fell this past Friday at work wearing Skechers Summits. My back shoe seemed to grab the floor and sent me falling forward on my face, busting my nose. Something is going on with these shoes.


I too have fallen 3 times on my knees, thank God not on my face though it was a close call. In pain all black and blue knees and legs.


I have exactly the same problem. And I was beginning to think it was just ME !


Wow, I had a terrible fall two months ago. While walking it felt like my back foot was stuck to the sidewalk and down I went.

Injured my knee, hip, and had several scrapes. As I was in an area where I couldn't *** or change shoes, I continued walking. Then it happened again! Felt as if my foot was stuck to the ground mid stride.

Fortunately my daughters caught me before I took another spill.

I will never buy/wear Skechers again. They need to be held accountable.

Valley Stream, New York, United States #1337871

I fell walking in the mall with a tile floor. sustained a subdural hematoma , stitches on my eyelid, fractured a rib, anf hurt my shoulder.

Ambulance took me to the hospital where I stayed overnight, many ct scans etc.

and not feeling mys elf yet. Sketckers should be held respondsible for this , more importantly this should be made known so that no one gets killed wearing these shoes.

Normal, Illinois, United States #1333786

I bought the skechers walk #3. I tripped a few times and than I fell on my face. Never Buy them again!!


Wow, thank you ladies for putting out this information, I just recently bought two pairs to wear to Disney. So I tried them on inside the house for a while to see how it feels, and it started making my heels and calves feel sore.

I don't know if anybody felt that too, but I have a lot workout shoes and this is the only pair of sketchers I have.

I have never felt this with any other shoe in my life. So I'll be taking this back and save myself from soreness and emergency visit.


Severely injured my knee on 5/7/17. My 3 year old granddaughter slammed her head on the concrete as she was holding my hand as I went down.

North Carolina, United States #1326492

I just fell and hit my head in an airport because my shoe caught the same way.i spent 3 hours in emergency. I now have a big black eye, cut lip and severe knee pain.

Obviously this is not an isolated incident. Please contact me if there are other people who have had similar accidents.

I think Sketchers should take some responsibility.

to Danielle Webb #1366515

I agree with you.Its been three months since my fall and my face is still sore there should be some response from sketchers over a problem with their shoe.


My mother had the same problem, I bought her a pair for Xmas and 2 months later she has a smashed shoulder with titanium ball now.. I'm really pissed.

Palatine, Illinois, United States #1309806

I found that my memory foam Sketcher shoe's sole disrupts sensory balance perception. In addition when in contact with interior floors the overly aggressive sole interferes with natural body movement.

I have disposed those I have.

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