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This Skechers Go Walk shoe soles have little bumps and gaps between the bumps.Based on how the bumps wear out, I believe it has a potential to create a suction effect causing the shoe to stick to the ground temporarily and it has to be taken off with force.

When you walk, if one feet moves forward and the the shoe on the other feet sticks to the ground, you have a potential to fall. This is what happens when you wear these shoes and you have totally no control on how you will be injured. I had a suspicion it was the shoe as I didn't see anything abnormal on the ground that would cause me to trip.

Later, after the fall and injury, I googled and I found this site where others have had falls and fractures due to this shoe.I believe this can happen and I feel sorry for everyone who was injured just because they wore this Skechers Go Walk shoe.

Original review posted by user Nov 30, 2016

I have using a Skechers Go Walk shoe with Goga mat padding on the inside for the last 3 months or so.I liked the comfort of the shoes and I used to walk with them.

Last week, I was about to trip at a parking lot, I managed to balance and avoid a fall, I didn't notice anything on the ground that would cause the trip. I had a suspicion it could be the shoe, but couldn't confirm it. Yesterday, I went for a short walk in my neighborhood. There was nothing on the sidewalk and I suddenly fell flat on my face bruising my lips and breaking two of my teeth.

I had to rush for dental emergency and they indicated that teeth are badly cracked, I have to extract it and since they are the front teeth, I need to so some implant or bridge replcament procedures. I am not only disfigured by this accident, I also need to incur a lot of expense to fix my broken teeth. I would really like to protest to Skechers to stop selling this shoe. I would also like some compensation for the damage it has caused me.

I can provide photos, Xrays and billing proof for the procedures I am about to go through.I dread buying Skechers and I would like to spread the word to others so they could avoid such unfortunate injuries.

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $3000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Skechers and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about skechers gowalk sneakers from Skechers was sole design that sticks to the ground causing falls , but reviewer liked comfort. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

Also, you can continue reading comments about Skechers.

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Are there any law suits against Sketchers Go Walk shoes?I fell June 14, 2017 because toe of shoe stopped me.

I incurred $4000 in ER visit.I'm still fighting shoulder pain.


Has sketchers done anything for your injuries?

to Elaine #1387744

Sorry to see so many people continuing to get injured by this Skechers shoes, we can atleast spread the word to reduce these accidents. The ultimate solution is for Skechers to stop selling these shoes. Skechers hasn't done anything, I have not taken up any legal measures as well.

to Shobsns #1407316

Do you think we should start a class action suit?


I was using my new pair of Skechers Goga, and my shoes got stuck in the floor with not reason, nothing else was there, after 1month of recuperation I have the energies to research about this problem and realized that there many people with the same problem, suffering different injuries,

I would like to take legal services on this subject

Since this company is not resolving the problem or paying the bills caused for this falls.



to Zapato #1407318

I'm in.


Skechers go shoes are terrible.They are causing me to trip constantly.

I have no problems with other tennis shoes.Is Sketchers going to reimburse pepole for their mistake?


I have fallen three times in them. The last time most serious, busted open my lip, bruised my elbow and broke my New IPhone!


Has anyone that's been injured found an attorney to have Sketchers pay for damages & pain & suffering?

Email me at sandollarsd@aol.com

I live in California

to Self #1360977

Yes.I fell using sketchers and broke a rib, fracture my skull had a brain bleed and injured my shoulder and more.

Same thing happened foot seemed to have been suction d to the floor and the next thing I knew I was face down on the mall floor.I have not contacted sketchers yet I will

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