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This Skechers Go Walk shoe soles have little bumps and gaps between the bumps. Based on how the bumps wear out, I believe it has a potential to create a suction effect causing the shoe to stick to the ground temporarily and it has to be taken off with force.

When you walk, if one feet moves forward and the the shoe on the other feet sticks to the ground, you have a potential to fall. This is what happens when you wear these shoes and you have totally no control on how you will be injured. I had a suspicion it was the shoe as I didn't see anything abnormal on the ground that would cause me to trip.

Later, after the fall and injury, I googled and I found this site where others have had falls and fractures due to this shoe. I believe this can happen and I feel sorry for everyone who was injured just because they wore this Skechers Go Walk shoe.

Original review posted by user Nov 30, 2016

I have using a Skechers Go Walk shoe with Goga mat padding on the inside for the last 3 months or so. I liked the comfort of the shoes and I used to walk with them.

Last week, I was about to trip at a parking lot, I managed to balance and avoid a fall, I didn't notice anything on the ground that would cause the trip. I had a suspicion it could be the shoe, but couldn't confirm it. Yesterday, I went for a short walk in my neighborhood. There was nothing on the sidewalk and I suddenly fell flat on my face bruising my lips and breaking two of my teeth.

I had to rush for dental emergency and they indicated that teeth are badly cracked, I have to extract it and since they are the front teeth, I need to so some implant or bridge replcament procedures. I am not only disfigured by this accident, I also need to incur a lot of expense to fix my broken teeth. I would really like to protest to Skechers to stop selling this shoe. I would also like some compensation for the damage it has caused me.

I can provide photos, Xrays and billing proof for the procedures I am about to go through. I dread buying Skechers and I would like to spread the word to others so they could avoid such unfortunate injuries.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skechers Gowalk Sneakers.

Reason of review: Other issue.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I liked: Comfort.

I didn't like: Sole design that sticks to the ground causing falls.

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I was at my Dr’s office yesterday and wearing my sketchers go walk slide on shoes. My foot felt like it stuck to the floor causing me to trip and fall.

I had to be lifted off the floor and put in a wheelchair. I had to have XRays from my shoulders down. My knees are a mess. I had a knee replacement in 2015 and this made it hurt bad.

My good knee is swollen down mid way to ankle and beyond sore.

My whole body is in pain. No more Sketchers for me.


I am 65 I just feel in the airport on Tuesday. My sketcher sneaker stuck to the marvel floor and I feel on my face broke my nose, injured my left rib, entire right side of my body.

Was rushed to the hospital. I had this particular sneaker stick once before but didn’t fall.

I wondered why. They are going in garbage and I intend to notify sketchers.


I'm a 68 year old women and I also have fallen 3 times on my knees I'm all black and blue due to those falls. Something should be done.


In these Skechers shoes the sole design is such that there are holes between bumps and it suctions to the ground at mid sole and heal area and you just can't move one foot. When you trip, that is a good indication something bad is going to happen and stop using the shoe. Spread the word so that more accidents don't happen.


I have 3 pairs of sketchers Go Walk shoes and have thrown one pair in the bin this morning. I have noticed before that I seemed to be rather clumsy when wearing them but today, a very wet day, I must have tripped quite severally 4 times and by the time I got home I was frightened of walking.

On examination all 3 pairs had different shaped bumps and gaps so for the moment I have just thrown away one pair and shall take a rain check on the others. Sad because they are very comfortable.


It's not just Sketchers. After falling while wearing a different style of Sketcher, I have tried Adidas, Nike, New Balance and a few others.

I still had the same problem. The rubber like material on the toe of the shoes grips the floor and causes me to stumble.

I don't have this problem with leather like soles but find the "tennis shoe" so much more comfortable for walking. I hope that the manufactures become aware of this and try to design a safer walking shoe.


I constantly trip when walking on tiled floors. Airports are the worse!


It’s not just sketchers I have a pair of Dr Schools and have tripped a few time. I did fall in my house over a year ago wearing sketchers.

Took my shoulder about a year to heal. The shoes booth stick at times when walking. Afraid to were them.

Watch out shoes company’s we are coming after you! If Thease problems are not corrected, and I mean emediately.


I fell wearing sketchers go walk slip ons because one of the shoes stuck to the pavement.


I constantly trip in my sketchers too and am amazed at others doing the same thing


I fell three times wearing these shoes. From reading this post I was lucky that my injury was only a black eye from hitting my glasses on the ground and a few scrapes and bruised knees. How about stepping up Skechers and compensating these people,


I’ve had a similar experience it was blamed on the fact that I have a disability


Fell while walking to checkout at Home Goods have stumbled in these Sketchers before but this THIS was a serious fall. I didn’t stand a chance at recovery with planted foot and my momentum moving forward it’s incredible that nothing was broken.

Contusion s/ deep bruises/ a bone chip yes but so lucky not to crack a wrist, a leg, an arm etc That Sketchers is unresponsive to these complaints and has not recalled or discontinued these shoes is mind bongling! Class action suit should be undertaken.

Look at the comments on this site. Can you imagine those who have suffered an injury and not thought it was the SHOE?


I met a friend yesterday who had a very serious fall due to, in her opinion sketchers go walk. as I have had a few near accidents myself I thought I would check online before my next purchase.

my friend didn't even get a reply to her complaint from sketchers. I have now changed my mind and will be looking for a different trainer


Very Sorry to see so many people going through these unfortunate accidents. This is not getting much attention since we are still a minority compared to the others who have not yet met with these accidents.

We cannot wait for more injuries to happen, obviously! It is painful not being able to do anything in spite of experiencing what can go wrong while wearing these shoes. We can try the following steps.1) We can spread the word through our network and blogs2) We can write to SkechersCustomer service Phone -PHONE:1-800-746-3411Skechers USAAttn: Legal Dept,225, Sepulveda Blvd,Manhattan Beach,California902663. We can protest in front of the stores to get some attention4.

We could go through the attorney to get Skechers to look at this shoe design. If anyone has any contacts with lawyers, please see if anything can be done.

to shobana #1628171

How many people have to get hurt to get a class action lawsuit to be filed??? I have been on disability since 12/14/18 because of these shoes.

Multiple physical injuries including black eye, concussion & broken wrist.

I emailed a local personal injury attorney but no response. I guess someone will have to die too make it a worthwhile lawsuit.


YES, my husband just had a fall with sketchers the same way. His sneaker suctioned itself to the ground.

He's now being treaded for a hairline fracture in the kneecap. The worst part is that Sketchers won't even acknowledge and re=look at the design of the bottom of the sneaker so to avoid injuries to other customers.


I was walking toward the greetingcard section at Target. when my shoe stuck to the floor and I went flying flat face down, cutting y lip, scraping my knee, twisting my arm.When store personal came to help me I saw my shoe still stuck to the floor.I am oe lucky person not to have broken any bones.Needless to say I will not be wearing my sketchers to go any more.


In November 20I7 I was walking my dog, stepped up onto the footpath & for no apparent reason I fell to the ground injuring my knee & fracturing my left wristI too have wondered how many people have had injuries earring these shoes, there is no way I will ever buy these shoes again

to Leanne Batley #1547944

Hi I am a teacher assistant and this morning at work for no reason just walking behind kids my right foot got stuck on the ground and fell down very hard and browsed my knees. Its been happening couple times. I hate this shoes and I’ll get rid off it

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