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I purchased a pair of Skechers memory foam sneakers last year.I wore them for a week or two.I woke up one morning and felt a pain on the inside of my left ankle.there was also swelling and a burning sensation in that area as well.I notice these shoes don't have arch support.An MRI showed I have a tear of the posterior tibial tendon.I now have to wear a boot all day to relieve the pain in my ankle.This has greatly affected my everyday life.I can no longer do the things I would life to do.Anyone reading this should stay away from Skechers memory foam sneakers.I would love to hear from others who have had similar problems with these shoes.

Review about: Skechers Relaxed Fit Shoes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Hi.. i ve the same problem.

Everytime i wear sketchers it comes and when i switch to crocs it goes away.

I was thinking maybe its in my head so i just googled today to find out about this issue and bang.. saw your post..


I had the same problem with sketcher runnung/ walking shoes. I haven't gone to the doctor yet. Hopefully, if I give up wearing these shoes the pain will subside.


I've been wearing sketchers go walks for about a year . I too have developed planter fasciitis.

On holiday earlier this summer, my feet and ankles blew up like balloons.

They overheat your feet in hot weather and the design doesn't allow for normal calf pumping action when you walk and cause your feet to swell. I changed over to flip flops and instantly my feet went down .


I am wearing a boot now with the same story. These have no arch support, and flat feet like mine needs arch support.

I now put in superfeet insoles and it seems to help a little.

Next podiatrist appointment is next month. I wish I read this before I started wearing Skechers; (they felt good at the time I tried them.) It would have saved me so much pain.


Iam having more foot problems with my feet lately. I know I have a high arch and this combined with Sketchers is an issue I think.


I just got diagnost with plantar fasciitis last month caused by sketchers sport shoes sn51241ew with memory foam inserts I wore on a 5 mile hike. I very upset, I have missed a lot of work days because my feet hurt so much. Its very painful to walk or stand.


I wish I Googled this years ago. I have 3 friends who had severe plantar fasciitis and a year later I had it and a year after that my sister in law.

We all had 1 think in common..Sketchers. 2 out if the 5 of us had foot surgery.. I had 10 cortisone injections a foot cast and 12 weeks of physical therapy. I did wait until I couldnt walk and was sleeping with a sneaker on for months.

The other two had 2 injections and physical therapy. I am convinced that these sneakers are the cause.

I did try to wear them again and within hours my foot would be throbbing. I understand everyone's pain.


I have been wearing different kinds of Skechers "go walk" for about a year now, and don't recommend them for the long term. They have caused metatarsal pain in my left foot.

I was walking in them for about 30 minutes a day. They are not good for walking; they are basically slippers.

I recently bought some New Balance walking shoes with a wide toe box and they are 100 times better for walking. I wear a size 10.5 and have Morton's Toe.

to Gloria #1552489

Thank you. I will give New balance a try again.

I wore them when I was young. I truly wish shoe makers wouldn't skimp on the sole areas of their products.

They can really damage feet it seems I'm getting some insoles made today. I hope they help.


Just bought a pair without knowing anything about this memory foam, just feelt good at the store. I walked with them 1 full day visiting a city, next day I had very big pain in the left foot and knee.

I will never wear them again except at home where I don't walk much.. Very disappointed.


I have worn skechers for a long time. `After buying some new ones and wearing them constantly on holiday, I have developed tendonitis in both ankles.

The skechers are the only explanation for the damage. I'm so disappointed!


Yeah I purchase a pair of sketchers w memory foam my big right toe turn white calloused like toe nail fungus only right foot they hurt so bad I return them to. Kohls bare foot surprised they didn't notice me


I wish I came across this page before buying Sketchers. I'm in my late 20s and the arch area of my right foot hurts all the time.

I'm getting foot massages and it's slowly getting better. These shoes feel really good when you're trying them out at the store and only after a few months you notice the long-term damage to your feet. Just like memory foam mattresses are bad for your back, I think there is no reason for shoes to have memory foam either. Up until 10 years ago we did fine without them.

A lot of my friends wear sketchers, but I guess every one is different.Just like others have mentioned, I did not realize that my pains were due to my shoes, until it was too late.The shoes did hurt, but the primary killer for me were the flip-flops. My pains got much worse after buying them. This is when I started suspecting my footwear.

Can't believe I paid $35 for them.I went to Walmart and bought a pair of flip-flops for 98 cents. I wore them for 2 hours and I already noticed the difference.


Hi, i bought memory foam sketchers too, having problems with my right feet and feel like the feet is changing shape! Very disapointed :(


I can’t wear them either. They tend to make my ankles turn out when I walk.

I was just at a Skechers store tonight in Limerick PA and asked about the original D’lites without the foam and they had none. They only have one type of athletic sneakers without it. The centennials but they are only available in two colors. I buy them when I can find them which is rare.

Athletic shoes shouldn’t have it. There is no support.


I have been wearing Sketchers for about 2 years. My feet began killing me and unfortunately I did not make the connection until long after.

I went and bought some New Balance and put some support inserts in there and it's getting better, but those Sketchers really messed me up bad! I had no idea shoes could do that!

to John #1492451

did the pain and problems with your feet resolve and how long did it take? I have two pair and after wearing them within no time at all I started having feet pain and couldn't figure out why and my feet are killing me now and I'm very active and have never had any problems like that with shoes.


I purchased Sketchers memory foam sneakers a couple of years ago thinking they would be comfortable and good for my feet. I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet.

I asked my doctor about the shoes and he said that memory foam is a terrible trend for feet.

It took nearly 6 months to heal. I will never wear memory foam shoes again and am disturbed by the fact that I can barely find any shoes without them nowadays.

to Ella Marx #1485419

The same exact thing happened with me. I had no idea what had happened to my feet.

I didn't figure it out until recently. I got some New Balance and put some plantar fasciitis inserts in there.

It's only been a few days but I think it's getting better. The pain has been nearly crippling.


Skechers memory foam shoes hurt my feet awful bad after buying new just 3 weeks ago. I have never had this problem before in 55 years.

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