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I purchased a pair of Skechers memory foam sneakers last year.I wore them for a week or two.I woke up one morning and felt a pain on the inside of my left ankle.there was also swelling and a burning sensation in that area as well.I notice these shoes don't have arch support.An MRI showed I have a tear of the posterior tibial tendon.I now have to wear a boot all day to relieve the pain in my ankle.This has greatly affected my everyday life.I can no longer do the things I would life to do.Anyone reading this should stay away from Skechers memory foam sneakers.I would love to hear from others who have had similar problems with these shoes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skechers Relaxed Fit Shoes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I have what looks like soft ganglions in both ankles. I’m convinced it’s the various pairs of Skechers I’ve been wearing over the last few years.

I stopped wearing them about 2 weeks ago and it might be my imagination but I’m sure the lumps have gone down a bit. My ankles are definitely not as painful.

I googled “Skechers foot pain” and this forum came up. Now I’m convinced it’s them.


I bought 2 pair at DSW. Wore the slip ones for 12 hours one day doing a lot of stair climbing, etc doing some Spring (Fall) cleaning.

I sat down 8ppm. When I went to get up I could not walk. Had a pain down back of my left leg & could not flex my left foot all the way to walk. Dr next day sent me for DVT ultrasound thinking maybe I had a blood clot since I flew 2 weeks before & it came on suddenly.

All tests were ok & they said I had a sprain.

It slowly improved during the week but lost 4 hours of pay & medical co-pays. So bizarre most are saying left foot.


Please note the post -I’m not sure why it’s showing *** as it should be “cramp”!


This is an amazing find! Without thinking any think sinister at the time I experienced some kind of *** sensation in my left foot whilst in bed.

Then one morning I woke up with the most painful sensation in my left heel. Walking felt like a golf ball under my heel. Hoping the pain would disappear but after a week it was not getting better so made an appointment with a GP. Based on observation etc the Dr suspected plantar fasciitis and should follow some excerises and increase pain killers.

So days improved other were awful. 6 weeks on I’m in more pain then ever! The pain now seems to be on the left side of the left foot and up along the inside of the ankle. I have been wearing mostly Skechers for the best 3-5years.

I replace the shoes regularly and the last pair was only in the Spring.

Im starting to suspect the Skechers may be related to the cause of my agony. I’ll be carefully watch this forum from now on.


I'm in the restaurant business and the sketchers work shoes shot my feet. I had an old plantar fasciitis injury from a decade ago and after wearing the shoes for 3 months it caused the injury to happen again.

I can't have any days off for my feet to heal and I am so mad at this.

I can barely walk now and my life is very difficult now especially with working since I'm on my feet 12 hours a day. Thanks Sketchers.


I bought two skechers, could'nt imagine that such soft soles can bring so much agony,don't know why despite foam, why some veins are pressed and the pain then comes upto thigh through calf muscles..Really bad..


I have bought a pair of memory foam shoes also and now the bottom of my feet hurt bad especially in my heel area, I just realized too that these do not have arch supports and have wondered if that is the cause of my foot pain.


I've been wearing soft squishy Skechers for about 18 months. My feet are in agony - I'm just beginning to twig it could be the Skechers and this page is a relevation. Hope you all get better.


I also have been wearing Skechers for a couple years and just now put together that my foot and leg pain must be coming from them. At first it felt like I was walking on balloons when I would get up in the morning, even thought my feet didn't physically look swollen.

But in the past month or so the pain has really gotten bad, to the point my feet and legs hurt before I even get up in the morning. And I get terrible shooting pains when I sit down at night to watch tv. I pulled out a pair of Dr Scholl's to wear until I can get to the store and buy new tennis shoes. No more Skechers for me!

I agree with the other people who said they feel comfortable when you're wearing them, but they are doing so much damage! Poor quality for sure.


Yes .... My sister and I both have Experienced severe foot pain from wearing these shoes .

I just learned these shoes hurt your feet from my sister . I didn’t believe her but after I stopped wearing them my feet started feeling better .

I am throwing All 6 pair in the trash ! KJR Ohio


Plantar plate tears & bursitis due to lack of support from these shoes


skechers sells good products but skechers has a problem with quality control. One shoe can fit perfect while the other shoe can be a torture device.

I have had this issue with several of their products,sneakers shoes , boots. i now have an issue with two pairs of the same style boot. the left foot sole seam pushes up on the left side of my foot. this causes my ankle to hurt.

I have tried different inserts but did not help. I'm going to send a message to skechers to see what they do about it.


Hi.. i ve the same problem.

Everytime i wear sketchers it comes and when i switch to crocs it goes away.

I was thinking maybe its in my head so i just googled today to find out about this issue and bang.. saw your post..


I had the same problem with sketcher runnung/ walking shoes. I haven't gone to the doctor yet. Hopefully, if I give up wearing these shoes the pain will subside.


I've been wearing sketchers go walks for about a year . I too have developed planter fasciitis.

On holiday earlier this summer, my feet and ankles blew up like balloons.

They overheat your feet in hot weather and the design doesn't allow for normal calf pumping action when you walk and cause your feet to swell. I changed over to flip flops and instantly my feet went down .


I am wearing a boot now with the same story. These have no arch support, and flat feet like mine needs arch support.

I now put in superfeet insoles and it seems to help a little.

Next podiatrist appointment is next month. I wish I read this before I started wearing Skechers; (they felt good at the time I tried them.) It would have saved me so much pain.


Iam having more foot problems with my feet lately. I know I have a high arch and this combined with Sketchers is an issue I think.


I just got diagnost with plantar fasciitis last month caused by sketchers sport shoes sn51241ew with memory foam inserts I wore on a 5 mile hike. I very upset, I have missed a lot of work days because my feet hurt so much. Its very painful to walk or stand.


I wish I Googled this years ago. I have 3 friends who had severe plantar fasciitis and a year later I had it and a year after that my sister in law.

We all had 1 think in common..Sketchers. 2 out if the 5 of us had foot surgery.. I had 10 cortisone injections a foot cast and 12 weeks of physical therapy. I did wait until I couldnt walk and was sleeping with a sneaker on for months.

The other two had 2 injections and physical therapy. I am convinced that these sneakers are the cause.

I did try to wear them again and within hours my foot would be throbbing. I understand everyone's pain.


I have been wearing different kinds of Skechers "go walk" for about a year now, and don't recommend them for the long term. They have caused metatarsal pain in my left foot.

I was walking in them for about 30 minutes a day. They are not good for walking; they are basically slippers.

I recently bought some New Balance walking shoes with a wide toe box and they are 100 times better for walking. I wear a size 10.5 and have Morton's Toe.

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