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Expensive & stink love the shoe but a money grab as there is no cleaning them!

Just ordered two more pairs this afternoon & then went on line as to how to clean my 8 week old ones as they stink! Had I known there is no way of getting rid of the smell, I would never of ordered more!

I am 58 & have never had smelly feet. I work as a care aide for old folk & I thought these were great, light weight, dry fast as I shower a lot of folks.

Wish I read reviews before I ordered more.

I can see this company going down fast unless they fix the smell problem. To bad, a nice shoe apart from that.

This reviewer shared experience about not as described and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue as the author lost $80. The author is overall dissatisfied with Skechers. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Just spoke with Skechers customer dept at headquarters and they suggested activated charcoal sold at pet stores. Put in a bag w shoes overnight.

I'm going to try this but it's ridiculous to have to do this w expensive shoes. Also they said product development was working on it..hmmm we shall see


I too have the same problem, I'm 27 and wear them for work I don't suffer from smelly feet at all until day 3 of wearing go walks now they are absolutely vile I'm washing them all the time. First pair I've ever bought and I won't be buying again absolutely shocking!


Both my daughters 9 & 11 have had the putrid smell issue with them and multiple pairs. We call them stinkers now instead of sketchers.

We have tried everything to rid the smell .

Nothing would work. If someone has a fix please let us know

to RN #1481113

Wash and dry the shoes then Coat the insole with Gillette cool wave antiperspirant let it dry before wearing works great. If you notice the smell beginning again react the Gillette application


I've had my sketcher sandals for2-3 wks now, this is my 2nd pair. The first I got on sale approximately 3-4 years ago and definitely noticed the smell-thought it was my feet, never a prob b4.

I had hoped this issue had been resolved but it isn't. A bit disappointed as I do like the shoe, not sure I'll buy any in future


I have the same problem. I have had sketchers for years and never had the problem this bad.

Mine started with new yoga mat ballet slipper style. The small so bad it’s embarrassing. Same thing you can smell as you walk.

I wash them regular, but the smell will come back very fast. I’ve never had a problem with smelly feet before thought it was just me.


I threw away a relatively new pair of my Sketchers because the smell was unbearable. I just put on my brand new pair today and within hours the smell returned. Waste of my money.


I thought it was just me. I can smell them while I walk.

Please do something.

My slip ons my work shoes. They all stink.


Have the same issue with my daughters shoes. It is the memory foam.

No stink issues with other shoes just Skechers with memory foam. All this time I thought it was her feet but it is not! I have read many online complaints about the "Skechers smell".

My son has Fila with memory foam comfort cushioned insoles and they do not smell.

Her shoes are going into the garage. I am buying her new shoes and they will not be Skechers.


I have the exact same problem, and only with the Sketchers. These are the only such shoes I have, I wear them with no socks, I LOVE the fit.

But these shoes, and ONLY these shoes, STINK. I have Bobs, and Toms, and other canvas slip-ons I wear with no socks, but ONLY THE SKETCHERS stink. I have taken out the Sketchers insole, and put in another insole (Protolus, that I also have in other shoes), and STILL the Sketchers stink... so is it the outer soft material, or the rubber sole?

I have slip-ons from China that STINK (even before worn!), so I'm thinking it's cheap foreign material that is the culprit. My husband has had hiking sandals that stink (had to be thrown away... NOTHING got rid of the stink), and those were the only shoes that gave him this problem. So unlike the one commenter Sam who said (unhelpfully) 'its your feet', I think it's some cheap sole or upper component.

PS... I have washed mine in the washing machine, in a mesh bag, on hot, good detergent, and with Fabreeze... still stink. I have worn them WITH socks...

still stink (but at least my feet smell so much, after removing the shoes/socks).

I really love the fit of these, and continue to wear them around the house, but avoid wearing them in public where anyone else might notice. FIX THIS PROBLEM SKETCHERS!!

Buffalo, New York, United States #1251437

Ive had mine for a year, wear them every day and they dont stink. Its your feet!

to Sam #1390030

Sorry Sam, the shoes have a chemical in the memory foam that puts off a foul odor. I bought such a pair of skechers.

After about a month of wearing them a couple of days a week the stench became unbearable. Washing them with bleach added did nothing.

The memory foam breaks down and emits an unbelievable stench. IT appears that some of the shoes they imported have defective memory foam.

to Scot #1494141

I am on my third or fourth pair of go walks and they all smell like cat *** It is not my feet it is the memory foam in the shoes it locks in the sweat so that the foam smells and you cannot get it out.There have been hundreds of complaints but still they have done nothing to remedy this problem.Class Action anyone??

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