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I have been wearing my Sketchers for 6+ months and while I love the comfort they provide, I have noticed that they grip the floor surface too well and have nearly tripped on numerous occasions. That is until today when they actually caused me to fall at work.

There was nothing in the area where I fell that would have caused the fall, so it could only have been the shoes. A customer who came to my aide, when I mentioned the shoe being too grippy, asked straight away if they were Sketchers as she is a nurse and a lot of her colleagues use these shoes as well and they have had similar problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skechers Shoes.

Reason of review: dangerous.

Monetary Loss: $130.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Same shoe stuck fell in our local hospitals ER and broke my patella.


I have fallen twice. Yes, the traction causes falls.

I have fallen twice so far.

Today, I hit my knees during the fall. I have had near fall earlier, but this time had a fall.


I have also tripped wearing new Sketchers! Good thing the microwave was there or I would have fallen on my face.

I tripped 2 previous times in the same shoes. This never happened in any other shoe or Sketchers I have worn.


I have had the same experience with my Skeechers Goga Max shoes. As I walk I find that the toe tip of the shoe will become caught on the floor and I will trip forward.

Many times I have come very close to serious injury.

I bought two pair of these shoes and I have experienced the trip hazard while wearing both pairs. I am sad to report that I don't feel safe wearing either pair of these shoes.


It's good to read this post from last year as it shows I'm not the only one to have problems. I've had exactly the same issue with a pair of Skechers ('Sport-Active' on tongue).They regularly 'grab' onto the floor and almost make me trip - as though the ball of my right foot has landed in a blob of instant-trying superglue while I'm walking.

I haven't fallen over as yet, however, it happened twice at the weekend and the 'jarring' effect has apparently bruised my navicular bone on the inside of the arch of my right foot. I could barely walk yesterday from the pain and went to the physio this morning.

He's taped my foot to ease the pressure/pain and says if it doesn't settle down within a few days, I may need an X-ray to make sure it's not a fracture.So just a warning to others that you have to be careful about lifting your feet higher while walking in some Skechers - or just don't wear them at all. I've never had this happen with any other shoes (and I'm in my 50s), so I won't be going near this brand again.


I was waking on a treadmill wearing sketchers , I felt them grip and hung o. To hand rest as I fell and skinned my knees .

These are dangerous sneakers!! Beware !!


All of us at work Sketchers make us trip. I don’t understand it. But it’s true!!!!

to Diana #1595043

I tripped last week and broke my knee cap. I noticed that somtimes when I wore them it was like my toe or foot was stuck but I never actually fell.

I always caught myself. This time in the ER at our local hospital I didn’t recover.

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